Hey, hustler!

My name is Mili and I’m here to help you create amazing budget-friendly outfits for work and play. I created The Style Hustle as your one-stop-shop for a shopping fix, and to help you create a trendy but functional wardrobe.

Does any of the following apply to you?

  • You have ‘nothing to wear’ even though your closet is bursting.
  • You’ve recently started work and have no idea what to wear in order not to look much older and ‘boring’
  • You want to wear your favourite trendy items every.single.day but that doesn’t fit in with your company’s dress code.
  • You want to look expensive but the most you can afford is Topshop (on a payday).
  • Your love for fashion is making you broke, rather than bring you money

If you answered hell YES, you’re in the right place!

How to wear a short skirt with over the knee boots
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On The Style Hustle you can learn how to:

  • dress amazingly on a small budget with items you already own
  • create a ‘trendy capsule wardrobe’ that fits your lifestyle and isn’t just in black and white (ugh, boooring), so you never run out of ideas about what to wear
  • dress for your workplace and still feel amazing (and maybe even wear that off-the-shoulder top you love)
  • make extra money on the side so you can finally splurge on that designer bag you covet

How can I promise you all these things? Well, I’ve been a professional shopper (okay, just plain addicted to shopping) ever since I was 10. I used to spend any money I got from my Maths scholarship (yes, I am a proud Nerd) on clothes – firstly, at charity shops because that was all I could afford. Later I moved on to H&M and Zara, and now shop pretty much wherever I fancy (although, Gucci is still a dream!).

During all these years, I learned to recreate ‘celebrity style’ outfits for less than £10, to find the hidden deals in high street stores and to grab unique items in charity shops. I’ve experimented with different styles and found a way to make things work even though I don’t have a model figure. I want to share everything I’ve learned with you, so you can dress better and ultimately, feel better about yourself!

Fashion Blogger | Outfit idea | Leather jacket Over the knee boots

Needless to say, many times my shopping habit got a little out of control, and I’ve been known to donate 10 large bags to charity shops every 6 months. In a way, I was always searching for the ‘perfect’ items to form my closet, but in between all the sale bargains and experimental charity shop pieces, I lost my sense of style. 

That’s why capsule wardrobes seemed like a heaven-sent solution for me. The only problem? None of them suited my style or lifestyle. I couldn’t live with 37 items because I instantly felt I didn’t have much to wear. Plus the colour palette was so boring. All I saw was black and white, with the occasional pastel colour. Trends weren’t really present, and I loved staying on top of my style game.

So I thought to myself: why not create a trend-led capsule wardrobe for myself? And I did it! In the last 9 months I’ve been living with about 55 items (including shoes and bags), occasionally adding new pieces and getting rid of trends I no longer love. 

So if you ever had a doubt whether a capsule wardrobe is for you, here’s what I learned: 

  • You don’t need to stick to a small number of items or restrict yourself to 3 colours.
  • You can have trendy pieces in your capsule wardrobe and still make it work.
  • You can be a fashion blogger WITH a capsule wardrobe – yes, it’s not a mutually-exclusive thing.
  • Having a work capsule wardrobe is really helpful and a big DO.

So if you want to create a capsule wardrobe with colour and trends in it, check out my shoppable e-book ‘The Trendy Capsule’. It contains all the methods that really helped me to stay in love with my closet and style, while avoiding overdraft notices from my bank!

Finally girl, let me share one thing with you – I definitely don’t come from a wealthy background and for now, I can’t afford designer bags and the occasional trip to the Chanel store. However, I’ve learned to make the most of my situation and dress with the budget I have. But…

If you like me find it hard to spend less, then don’t.

Earn more! That’s the philosophy behind The Style Hustle – working hard for what you want, be it a trip to Maldives or a Dior handbag. I’ve used numerous tools and learned how to make money on the side that allow me to have the occasional shopping fix without living on beans for the rest of the month. Because the truth is, I just hate beans on toast, and who wants to live like this, anyways?

I want to share with you how I use Pinterest and Instagram to earn money and how you can use these platforms, too! Plus, if your newfound style inspires you so much that you want to start a fashion blog yourself, I spill all my secret methods in my Blogging section!

If you’re ready to get started, why not drop me a tweet or a message? I would love to answer any questions, and just to hear from you!

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